Slow the march of time without breaking the bank. Delta Mist® is a plant-based, spray-on emulsion that rejuvenates existing road surfaces by softening the asphalt binder and slowing oxidation. This simple, low-cost solution doesn’t require re-striping and can extend road life by up to 3 years.


Delta Mist is sprayed onto the existing pavement using a pressurized distributor. The emulsion penetrates up to 3/8 inch into asphalt pavement surface, softening the asphalt binder as it goes. This improves cohesion and slows cracking, reducing the loss of fines and aggregates.


  • Simple, low-cost spray application extends road life by up to 3 years
  • Dries clear, eliminating need for costly re-striping and curb cleaning
  • Return to traffic in 60-90 minutes
  • Plant-based, non-hazardous formulation supports sustainability goals and green initiatives

Consider Delta Mist when

pavements are mostly free of cracks but show signs of oxidation and could benefit from low-cost rejuvenation with minimal inconvenience to residents.
“The results on the pavement from Delta Mist seem to be the same or even better than from the petroleum-based product, and you have the added benefits of no re-striping or cleaning up the granite curb”
— Michael Sprague, P.E., Senior Civil Engineer, Town of Bedford, MA

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