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A healthy road network is essential to creating a vibrant and healthy community. But making that road network strong doesn’t have to break the bank. With our personalized approach to pavement preservation, we help clients improve conditions across their networks and save them money to make sure their roads stay in good shape for generations to come.

When we work with communities to figure out the best solutions, we use these three tools:

Equivalent Annual Costs (EAC)

This calculation helps compare the true cost of one treatment with another over time. With so many roads needing attention with tighter and tighter budgets, we generally recommend an emphasis on using treatments with the lowest EAC’s.
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Remaining Service Life (RSL)

Using this concept from FHWA, we help agencies calculate how much new service life will be added to their roadway network with various work plans. Without any pavement improvements in a given year, a 100-mile roadway network loses 100 mile-years of service life. Our job is to inject as much new life into a roadway network as possible each year with the available funding. We’ve built a complimentary Highway Network Condition Trend Scorecard to help you evaluate the overall impact that your annual pavement management plan has in contributing to your overall road network health.

Cost-Benefit Value (CBV)

In the absence of a well-functioning pavement management program, this calculation helps us determine which roadway projects provide the most bang for the buck. Surprisingly enough, sometimes the roads in the worst shape don’t make the most financial sense to fix immediately.
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See how a “worst-first” program compares to a CBV-optimized program

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Although not intended as a replacement for a well-designed and regularly updated pavement management system, these simple tools are helpful in objectively deciding how to establish annual work plans which yield the maximum benefit for community stakeholders. But understanding your specific situation is where we can really help.

When you contact us, we’ll use our decades of experience and diverse expertise to make sure your road network gets maximum benefit from your community’s annual investment.

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