Why Preservation Works.

indus has been working with pavements for over 65 years. And that means we’ve seen a lot of different ways to both construct and preserve roadways. After all that experience, we’ve determined the best way to keep a road network in the best possible shape for the least amount of money is through pavement preservation treatment plans.

Why Pavement Preservation Is Effective

We like to think of pavement preservation like diet and exercise: the best way for your body to stay healthy is to actively participate in both. The same is true for roads – the more you take care of them along the way, the better shape they’ll stay in over the long-term. If we wait…
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Pavement Preservation In Action

This double yellow centerline (featured above) is the municipal boundary between two large New England communities. In 2004, the two communities collaborated on a 2” mill-and-fill project from curb to curb and split the cost. In 2010, the community on the right decided it was the optimum time to intervene with some proactive maintenance, and…
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The True Life-Cycle Cost

No matter where each of our roads falls on the asphalt deterioration curve, long-term life-cycle cost is a concern. And for good reason – maintaining a strong and healthy network is an important and costly responsibility. Handling that responsibility well means knowing where and when the right combination of pavement preservation treatments should be used….
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