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Because of how often we use them, our roads are always going to need ongoing care. When it comes to improving pavement conditions and longevity, there are two options: preventive care or reactive care.

Although it has traditionally been many agencies’ approach, reactive road construction has a serious negative impact on taxpayers’ bottom line. Putting the focus on preservation does the opposite.

By performing more frequent, less invasive treatments, roads last longer and cost less to maintain. For road managers looking to not just repair roads, but to systematically improve them over time, establishing a program of pavement preservation is the way to go.

It’s also important to consider the benefits beyond just one road. Preservation doesn’t just extend the service life of the road that’s repaired - it raises the overall average quality of an entire network. For communities working with a lot of miles and a limited budget, pavement preservation provides the best solution.


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Case Studies

We have a long list of completed projects and a growing list of clients with multi-year improvement programs. We’ve learned something new from every single one. These case studies serve as the foundation for our expertise.
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Calculate Your Savings

Pavement preservation doesn’t just optimize your network pavement condition. It saves you money. Using these calculations, we’ll help you figure out how much you can save when you use the right treatment at the right time.
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Why Preservation Works

If you want to take a deep dive into pavement preservation, we’ve got more than enough data to go around. Learn why pavement preservation is effective in extending road life and saving money in the long run.
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“Towns must stretch road surface management funds more than ever before. With the disproportionate increase of costs in certain structural methods, I have found that some of the best values are pavement preservation treatments. The superior quality of service and professionalism delivered by indus has been central to our experience.”
— Steven Masalin, Public Works Director, Ledyard, CT