The road to sustainability starts with indus.

At indus, we view sustainability as a combination of reduced environmental, social, and financial impacts on the communities we serve.

We ask ourselves these questions before every job:

  • 1. Are we reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to a traditional treatment?

  • 2. Are we reducing driver delay times, which impacts emissions from idling vehicles?

  • 3. Is this treatment the correct treatment for the road and will it yield the highest return on investment for the community?

Because all our treatments use less aggregates and natural resources than traditional methods—and have a shorter construction time—the answer is usually yes.

Delta Mist

Delta Mist is our bio based-rejuvenating fog seal. It allows us to preserve pavement in environmentally protected areas with no impact on plant and wildlife. This plant-based, spray-on penetrating emulsion rejuvenates existing pavement surfaces by softening the asphalt binder and slowing oxidation.

In 2021, Delta Mist was used to help preserve 5.5 miles of bike trails in Nantucket.

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Cold In-place Recycling

Cold in-place recycling has been rapidly growing in popularity. Cold in-place recycling reuses 100% of existing material and lowers greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%—making this pavement preservation solution a much greener option.

Not only is cold in-place recycling a greener solution, it can extend road life by 15 to 20 years.

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Paver-placed Stabilized Full Depth Reclamation

Paver-placed stabilized full depth reclamation is similar to the process of cold in-place recycling except deeper. It is used to treat both the asphalt and the subbase. It reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 60% compared to a traditional reclamation treatment.

Paver-placed stabilized full depth reclamation is a fully engineered process. It recycles and reinstalls in one continuous process.

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At indus, we know that every small change we make for more sustainable roads is a huge win for our communities and the planet.