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For everywhere on the curve, we're here to help.

For everywhere on the curve, we're here to help.

For over 65 years, our expertise in pavement preservation has delivered the right treatment at the right time. With recent investments in Cold In-place Recycling and Paver-Placed Stabilized Full Depth Reclamation, we’re committed to serving our partners in more ways than before — no matter where their roads fall on the asphalt deterioration curve.

Hear from real experts.

From a Lunch & Learn to a happy hour, our team is ready to talk treatments. Together, we’ll determine what plan of action works best for your road network. Larger informational sessions like Lunch & Learns can be used for professional development hours for PEs.

Treatments for the total curve.

A pavement deterioration curve has long been used by pavement managers to understand the rate at which asphalt deteriorates. A pavement’s place on the deterioration curve determines which treatments are likely to be optimal. Indus performs treatments along the entire treatment curve, and is able to help you explore which treatments will do the best job of making your pavement last longer while saving money.

Explore each spot on the asphalt deterioration curve to see which treatment can have the greatest impact.

To learn more about our process, click each treatment.

Type of care:

Recommended Treatment:

Routine Maintenance

Fog Seal | Crack Seal

Preventative Maintenace

Microsurfacing | Crack Seal

Delta Mist

Corrective Maintenance

Cape Seal | High Friction Surfacing

Hot Applied Mastics | Crack Seal


Saw & Seal | Cold In-Place Recycling

Paver Place Stabilized Full Depth Reclamation

Case Studies

We have a long list of completed projects and a growing list of clients with multi-year improvement programs. We’ve learned something new from every single one. These case studies serve as the foundation for our expertise.
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Discover how we take pride in every mile we preserve.
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