Fog Seal.

Designed to slow the aging of an existing asphalt surface, this emulsified asphalt mixture can improve surface appearance by sealing minor cracks and addressing oxidation. A simple, low-cost solution, it can extend the life of roads by an additional 2 to 4 years.


Using a pressurized distributor, a light application of asphalt emulsion is sprayed directly onto the existing pavement. As it coats the entire surface, the emulsion works its way into cracks and surface voids to seal and protect the pavement.


  • Low-cost way to keep good roads in good condition
  • Protects pavement from moisture and oxidation
  • Addresses minor surface cracks and raveling
  • Increases road safety by improving contrast between pavement and road markings

Consider Fog Seal when

newer pavements have experienced minor visible damage and could use an extra level of protection against the elements at minimal expense.
“Fog Seal has been useful in slowing down the oxidation and raveling on our new roads. Residents have enjoyed having a road that looks freshly paved again and our pavement managers have enjoyed the added service life. This cost-effective treatment adds life to our roads and fills a gap in our treatment toolbox between doing nothing and using a micro surface treatment.”
— Michael Sprague, Senior Civil Engineer, Town of Lexington, MA

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