High Friction Surfacing.

When skid resistance and safety are top priorities, High Friction Surfacing (HFS) offers a tough, long-lasting solution. Versatile for a multitude of applications, HFS can be used to reduce skidding on horizontal curves, intersections, bridge decks, and utility trench plates. Available in contrasting colors, HFS is also used as a traffic calming measure in pedestrian crosswalks.


High Friction Surfacing installations are usually performed with manual applications of specialty resin binders to coat the existing pavement or other substrate, followed by broadcasting a finely graded surface aggregate. The aggregates are both polish and abrasion-resistant to better maintain their high friction texture over time.


  • Excellent skid resistance for improved safety
  • Rapid install with quick-curing binders
  • Can be colored for traffic-calming or decorative purposes
  • Very durable with 5- to 10-year life expectancy

Consider High Friction Surfacing when

you want a high quality anti-skid surface to enhance safety.

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