Micro Surfacing.

When a road is in good condition, micro surfacing is one of the most economical ways to extend its service life before more serious deterioration occurs. It’s a low impact pavement preservation process that addresses skid resistance, moisture intrusion, surface raveling, minor rutting and overall appearance. And indus is the first company in the world to complete the AASHTO TSP-2 contractor certification process for slurry systems including micro surfacing.


A precise mixture of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, quality aggregates, mineral filler and water is uniformly spread over the existing, properly prepared surface. Most installations are done in two successive lifts (a leveling course plus a wearing course), and after application, the mixture adheres firmly to the pavement underneath.


  • Extends road life by 6 to 8 years
  • Improves skid resistance and uniformity of appearance
  • Treated roads can be opened to traffic quickly after paving
  • Low raw material requirements and preventive maintenance action reduce overall life-cycle costs

Consider Micro Surfacing when

a road is showing early signs of oxidation and age-related fatigue, but not yet in need of mill-and-fill or other more major (and costly) repair.
“Micro surfacing has proven invaluable in arresting the decline along the deterioration curve on our roads, allowing parallel devotion of a suitable amount of funding to structural work in needy areas. Coupled with a network crack sealing effort, micro surfacing has been the most important addition to our array of road resurfacing methods.”
— Steven Masalin, Public Works Director, Ledyard, CT
“I have been a micro surfacing client with indus for several years and am very happy with the durability it provides. The winter of 2017/2018 was very tough on several of my unprotected asphalt roads due to the countless freeze/thaw cycles. The roads we micro surfaced stood up extremely well to the harsh winter conditions and showed no further signs of deterioration. ”
— Chris Stoddard, PE, Director of Public Works, Littleton, MA

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