Our Fleet.

We’re a step above operators - we’re inventors. Our custom fleet is continuously evolving in order to answer a simple question: “What if?”

Finding the answer is driven by a deep desire to work better, be more efficient, and maintain a high standard of quality. That means developing specialty vehicles and equipment designed to deliver superior results and meet client needs every time.

We don’t just take pride in our projects - we put great care into making sure the equipment we use for the job is not only effective, but clean and professional. That’s why we went one step beyond our competitors and built our own fleet of custom trucks. It gives us the flexibility to serve a wide range of customers all across the Northeast.

It’s not just custom trucks that help us stand out - it’s also consistently clean and orderly job sites, even though bridge and pavement preservation can be a messy business. Our fleet, our crew and our work is how we’re represented in every community we touch, so we take it seriously, not just when the job is finished, but even while the job is in progress.
“A big part of my pride in working for indus is watching the job go well. I want to be doing it right, top to bottom. That’s what represents the company.”
— Dave Worrick Jr., Indus Equipment Manager