What we do.

After decades of experience in pavement and bridge preservation, we know a thing or two about the best and most cost-effective ways to improve roadways for the long haul. But we’ve also learned that every road and every road owner requires a unique combination of treatments and processes.

Our Services

Treatment Areas

We offer a wide variety of treatments specializing in three public infrastructure areas: roads, bridges, and airports.


From minor crack repairs to complete rehabilitation, we know how to improve roads at every stage in their life cycle and keep them both looking and performing better over the long term.
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Our dedicated bridge division can repair and improve bridge decks, joints and substructures, and also provide membrane waterproofing.
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We make sure runways, taxiways and surrounding pavements stay in good shape by using everything from crack sealing and crack repairs to emulsified asphalt seal coats.
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Looking for a treatment recommendation on a particular road, need more details on one of our processes, have a network management question, or just looking for more information with a personal touch?
“The work performed by indus was, without exception, outstanding.”
— Anthony P Robinson, Commissioner of Public Works, Harrison, NY