Who we are.

Why indus?

The Indus Valley Civilization is widely accepted as the birthplace of street paving. These first roads were made of bricks, shaped straight and long, and intersected at right angles. While roads have come a long way since then, our new company name is a nod to the innovation of the Indus people. It reflects our enterprising approach, our professionalism, and the second-to-none experience we give our customers every day.

The logo reflects our brand - strong yet approachable. The lowercase “i” has a dual meaning: Literally, it starts to spell indus. And figuratively, it is a person extending a handshake – which represents the warm welcome of our people-first attitude and the professionalism we always strive to demonstrate. We opted to retain the construction-classic colors of our previous logo for consistency. And the straightforward descriptor line of "Roads. Bridges. Airports." complements the indus name with more specifics about what we do.

About Us

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Our Team

To run one of the most successful pavement and bridge preservation companies in the Northeast takes more than people - it takes a group of hard working, nearly-obsessive professionals.
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Mission, Vision, Values

Any project, any place, any time - our mission, vision, and values keep us grounded.
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Our Leaders

The only thing more impressive than their decades of experience is their relentless drive to deliver.
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Our History

From an upstart government contractor to a Cold In-place Recycling pioneer, we’ve certainly grown a lot over the last few decades.
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