Mission, Vision, Values.

We’re a hardworking, nearly-obsessive family of professionals who get it done and get it done right. We have a relentless drive to deliver, and we settle for nothing but the best – in ourselves, in our fleet, in our work, and in each other. We reject the status quo and strive for excellence. And what we do, we do together with the deepest levels of care and integrity. We take pride in knowing every job and every mile paves the everyday for our neighbors.

With an eye for the future and honor to our past, we’re building a stronger regional road network. We are here to serve. We are here for each other.

We are indus.


To partner with roadway leaders by providing industry-leading treatments in pavement and bridge preservation, delivered with deep pride by the most dedicated team and distinguished fleet in the industry.


To improve the quality of life for every road traveler in the region.


Do the Right Thing

Every job. Every client. Every employee. Every time. Trustworthiness is the foundation of our reputation.

Start-to-Finish Professionalism

With pride, respect and dedication, we’ll honor our commitments and be a trusted, reliable partner.

Genuine Care

Simply put, we care. It’s a step beyond client service and being nice. You’ll feel the genuine interest that beats from the heart of the indus family.

Legendary Attention to Detail

From the office to our fleet to the job site, we’re committed to the highest quality and the best results.

Never Settle

Whether you call it innovation that matters or an obsession with solving our clients’ problems, you’ll always find us constantly exploring and improving.

Focus on Safety

No matter the job, we’re always focused on staying safe. That’s something that benefits everyone. Safer job sites minimize accidents for everyone and everything that passes by, including motorists and pedestrians. They help ensure that jobs get done on time and on budget. And they make sure that each and every member of the indus family goes home safely at the end of the day.

Accomplishing this means that every employee receives a safety orientation, complete with comfortable and effective safety gear. Our policies are consistently updated and enforced, not just to comply with government regulations, but also to set a new standard for our industry. We want to be an industry leader in more than pavement preservation.