Crack Seal.

Cracks happen. When they do, it’s best to deal with them quickly and efficiently. Treating the affected area with a simple sealant can help prevent serious pavement issues from happening down the road. It’s the most cost-effective way to prevent accelerating deterioration.


After preparing the cracked area, a mixture of asphalt cement and reinforcing fibers is placed in and over the crack. This prevents moisture and incompressible materials from entering the cracks and making them worse.


  • Proactive measure that greatly reduces potholes and other future problems
  • Critical line of defense against water infiltration
  • Lowers overall cost of pavement preservation over time
  • Treated roads can be opened to traffic quickly
  • Extends road life by 2 to 5 years

Consider Crack Seal when

you notice cracks appearing in the pavement surface and want to take preventive action.
“We have used indus’ diverse technology including crack sealing, micro surfacing, and cold in-place recycling. All have produced remarkable results at significant cost savings.”
— David S. Billips, Director of Public Works, Westfield, MA

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