We are indus.
Determined to deliver
the very best.

We are a family of hardworking pavement perfectionists who take pride in every mile we preserve. Whether it’s roads, bridges, or airports, when you need to repair, maintain, and strengthen your pavement in the smartest, most cost-effective way, we’re here to serve.

Why indus?

Formerly Sealcoating, Inc., we’ve changed our name to indus. What does the name mean? What is the inspiration behind the new logo?

Pavement Preservation.

We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, especially when it comes to roads. Pavement preservation programs don’t just repair your roads today - they raise the overall quality of your network by helping all of your roads last longer.

Who We Are

A lot of companies work on roads. But nobody works like we do. Everything that happens at indus is driven by what makes us unique - from our progressive vision to our custom equipment to our broad depth of experience.

What We Do

For roads, bridges, and airports, our treatments and services keep good roads in good condition, longer.

Request a Specification or Professional Evaluation

Looking for a treatment recommendation on a particular road, need more details on one of our processes, have a network management question, or just looking for more information with a personal touch?

Send us your contact information and one of our management team members will connect with you to learn more about your needs and help you find the best possible solution.