Asphalt Pavement Repairs.

When it comes to operating an airport, there’s nothing more important than safety. Your #1 priority is making sure the asphalt that makes up runways, taxiways and aprons is in the best possible shape. When we work with you, it’s ours, too.


After identifying a deteriorating area on a runway, taxiway or apron, we’ll send out a crew as quickly as possible to keep air traffic flying. Using proven processes, professional crews, and ATC-trained radio escorts, we repair the problem area and put everything back to normal in less time than it takes to fly cross country. Radio escorts are SIDA-trained for areas where required within the AOA.


  • Helps extend runway and taxiway life
  • Quick process; pavement is reopened to planes in around two hours
  • Addresses a smaller problem before it causes bigger problems
  • Helps improve overall airport safety by reducing foreign object debris (FOD)

Consider Asphalt Pavement Repairs when

you need to repair deteriorating asphalt in the Air Operations Area (AOA) but can’t afford to bring the whole airport to a halt.

Request a Specification or Professional Evaluation

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