Utility Repairs.

A well-functioning airport depends on more than the pavement surface. Base structures, manhole structures, light cans, and lighting circuits are all integral parts of airport infrastructure. We’ve got the talent and experience to help make sure they’re all in working order.


Once an infrastructure problem is identified, we’ll send out a qualified crew to correct the problem as soon as possible. Using rapid set concrete, other specialized materials, equipment, crews, and ATC-trained radio escorts that are SIDA-trained when applicable, we can solve almost any problem in a quick time frame, day or night, to prevent major delays.


  • Helps maintain airport infrastructure
  • Reduces likelihood of foreign object debris (FOD)
  • Improves overall airport safety
  • Addresses problems in a way that can reduce overall airport downtime

Consider Utility Repairs when

a critical piece of airport infrastructure needs to be repaired but without shutting down the entire airport.

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