Emulsified Asphalt Seal Coat.

The FAA and airport managers across the country are placing increased emphasis on pavement preservation, and GSB-88 (FAA Specification P-608) emulsified asphalt seal coats are playing a key role in this proactive maintenance initiative. Periodic and planned applications of the gilsonite-modified emulsion have been proven to slow the rate of pavement decay.


After carefully cleaning and preparing the existing asphalt surface, a pressurized distributor applies the GSB-88 seal coat emulsion at the appropriate rate chosen for the pavement and generally in the range of 0.10 to 0.15 gallons per square yard. To enhance friction, a fine angular aggregate or boiler slag is broadcast uniformly across the emulsion immediately after it is sprayed and before it has cured.


  • Seals the pavement against surface oxidation
  • Restores and preserves critical oils and resins
  • Rebinds surface aggregate mitigating asphalt-based Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
  • Cures quickly for reduced downtime

Consider Emulsified Asphalt Seal Coat when

your airport pavements are first starting to show signs of aging to cost-effectively extend their service life and defer much more costly rehabilitation.

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