Plug Joints.

Used in both new construction and restoration projects, plug joints fill a prepared area with a modified polymer. This special blend creates a joint that is both flexible and waterproof, two “musts” for any bridge.


Parallel and uniform surfaces are created where the joint is going to be placed. The hot, special polymer mixture of modified asphalt is placed in the joint area with a compression seal in the roadway and with non-sag sealer and backer rod up the curbs and parapets.


  • Custom asphalt mixture provides excellent stability
  • Helps seal joints from water intrusion
  • Flexible enough to accommodate up to two inches of movement

Consider Plug Joints when

you’re looking for an asphalt-based bridge joint preservation solution.
“Whether it be asphaltic plug joints, sealed joints or providing specialty equipment, such as its mobile mixers, indus has the expertise and has always met or exceeded our expectations.”
— Daniel Kelley, Vice President - Engineering, Aetna Bridge

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