Precompressed Joint Seals.

One of the most important components of a bridge is what holds it together: the joints. There are multiple ways we can help you preserve and protect the structures that help connect your road network. Sometimes bridge joints need more work than just repairs. They need to be replaced. Precompressed joint seals are one solution for repairing and replacing expansion bridge joints.


Before any new material gets applied, all previous and deteriorated joint sealers are removed from the joint. Then, a mixture of silicone sealant, epoxy, and compression seal are installed into the joint and compressed to mimic the density of the previous joint sealant.


  • Keeps bridge joint stable and protected
  • Reduces the need for major maintenance
  • Gives the bridge joint a fresh start

Consider Precompressed Joint Seals when

a bridge joint has deteriorated to the point of needing to be completely replaced, not patched over.

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