The launch of a major Pavement Preservation program

2021 was a big year for the Town of West Warwick, RI. Led by Don Ouellette, a major Pavement Preservation program was put into action utilizing treatments up and down the asphalt deterioration curve. Seeing municipal teams take mindful steps like this to preserve their roads and efficiently use tax dollars is inspiring for us as a partner. This year alone, indus helped West Warwick utilize Crack Seal, Micro Surfacing, and Cold In-place Recycling with foamed asphalt to improve the overall condition of their paved roadway network. The town also contracted with Cardi Corporation to implement Full Depth Reclamation on some of their worst roads.


Micro Surfacing application

First lift of Micro Surfacing on Pulaski Street in West Warwick, RI.


The Treatments:

Crack Seal – With support from Foreman Josh Osterberg and his crew, we have completed a substantial amount of Crack Seal work over the 2021 season. This treatment is a crucial first step; preserving roads that are just beginning to see signs of deterioration and delaying the need for more expensive repairs in the years to come.

Micro Surfacing – Micro is one of the most economical treatments you can have in your pavement management toolkit. When your road is showing early signs of oxidation and raveling, but not so far deteriorated to require more extensive repairs, Micro Surfacing is an ideal choice. Along with extending your road life by 6-8 years, this treatment also addresses skid resistance, moisture intrusion, surface raveling, minor rutting, and overall appearance.

Cold In-place Recycling – In one pass, Cold In-place Recycling can add 15-20 years of new service life by recycling up to 6” of the existing road. Used on roads in poorer conditions, this sustainable treatment reuses 100% of existing material and lowers greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.


Cold In-place Recycling train

Cold In-place Recycling being performed on Waverly Street in West Warwick, RI.


Overall, we’re thrilled with the opportunity to partner with a Municipal team that is passionate about sustainable treatments and preserving their road network. It will be exciting to see West Warwick’s Pavement Preservation plan flourish over the coming years and watch their network pavement condition rating rise as they prevent more roadways from falling into a state of disrepair.