indus Welcomes International Visitors.

indus Shares Pavement Preservation & Recycling Processes with International Colleagues

indus recently welcomed international colleagues from Sweden, Norway, Scotland and Germany to share information and best practices on Cold In-place Recycling (CIR) and other pavement preservation processes.  The group of contractor and equipment supplier representatives from Europe had heard about some of the innovative pavement management strategies being practiced in this region, and traveled to New England to see and learn more firsthand.

The visiting highway contractors and equipment suppliers were especially interested in Cold In-place Recycling with foamed asphalt and HiMA Micro Surfacing with its high polymer content. The Scandinavian countries, in particular, are extremely focused on sustainability issues such as reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and aside from their economic benefits, these recycling and preservation processes are highly effective at achieving these environmental sustainability goals.  

The City of Manchester, NH hosted the group of international highway industry professionals at their Department of Public Works facility on August 21st. Mayor Joyce Craig, Director Kevin Sheppard, Deputy Director Tim Clougherty and City Engineer Todd Connors met with the European visitors and explained many of the unique aspects of the city’s highly optimized and cost-effective pavement preservation and recycling program which indus is proud to help support.

In addition to seeing some of the recently completed Cold In-place Recycling and HiMA Micro Surfacing in Manchester, the group also traveled to Westfield MA to watch the indus CIR crew in action recycling another old and worn out roadway.  After learning about some of the unique benefits of recycling with foamed asphalt and the increased durability of the heavily polymer-modified micro surfacing, the visitors traveled to view several projects completed by indus in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  

At indus, we are passionate about pavement preservation and recycling and believe in the value of sharing our knowledge and experiences with others in the industry as we all work together to improve best practices, road quality and our environment as a whole. Thank you to everyone who participated in this shared learning experience.