Pavement Restoration for Utility Projects.

Make your hard work last.

While pavement surface restoration makes up only a small part of your overall project budget, it has a huge impact on how the public views your work. Not choosing the right restoration treatment can quickly lead to more than failure – it can give your project a bad name. Consulting with a pavement professional helps you pick the right treatment for the right road at the right time.

Follow the curve.

No matter what a road looks like, there’s a treatment optimally suited to fix it. When pavement is in better shape, less expensive treatments can cost-effectively extend pavement life. More deteriorated pavements require more invasive treatments. But that doesn’t always mean a complete reconstruction – consult with your pavement team to select the right treatment.

Know how to see the signs.

Every road tells a story. When you can recognize exactly what every section of pavement needs, you can make sure you apply the most effective treatment for both the pavement and your budget.


A road like this doesn’t need a lot. With a permanent patch and a surface treatment such as micro-surfacing or a cape seal to provide a uniform appearance, you can save as much as 70% versus milling and repaving with faster return to traffic.


Although it might not look like it, this road needed more than shallow milling and repaving. Without deeper treatment, most of the same cracking reappeared in 3 and a half years - a significant waste of taxpayer resources. With just a little more investment, Cold In-place Recycling would have lasted over 15 years.


This road might look like a candidate for complete reconstruction, removing and replacing the pavement structure. But depending on the condition of the base, Cold In-place Recycling or Stabilized Full Depth Reclamation would cost 40 - 60% less and last for almost two decades.

Make the right call.

When doing utility work make sure you check-in with your pavement restoration experts. A good place to start would be your in-house pavement design professionals, if your team has one. If not, we’re here to help. From a short conversation to driving your roads together to a lunch-and-learn, we’ll get you ready to give your community the improvements they deserve.