Remaining Service Life.

Thanks for visiting. We’ve built this complimentary Highway Network Condition Trend Scorecard to help you evaluate the overall impact that your annual pavement management plan has in contributing to your overall road network health.

What is Remaining Service Life (RSL)?

Do you know if your annual road treatment plan is causing your network to gain or lose life each year?  Most roadway managers find themselves struggling to stretch insufficient funds across major infrastructure needs. RSL is an important concept in helping you quickly and easily determine if your road network is improving or declining year to year.

It works like this: Think of a 100-centerline mile road network consisting of all 2-lane roads as a 200 lane-mile network. Think of the “life extension” added to a road when it is treated as additional “lane-mile-years” of network life. So in a 200 lane-mile network, if the pavement manager is adding 200 lane-mile-years of life to their network every construction season, the average condition rating of the network will remain the same over time. If you’re adding less than 200 lane-miles-years of life each year, your network will see continued deterioration and overall decline.

Why should I use it?

The Highway Network Condition Trend Scorecard uses this RSL concept in a simple, user-friendly way to compare the impact of various treatment plans.  By calculating the lane-mile-years of new network service life associated with varying miles of different road treatments, you can quickly see which approach will stretch your budget resources as far as possible. indus is committed to providing industry-leading educational resources and supporting our roadway partners to make the very best use of taxpayer dollars and to have the greatest impact on improving the roads of your community.

Please reach out if we can help you or your team understand this concept, assist with the calculations or explore cost-effective treatment options that can add more life to your network for less cost.

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