Preparing for Laconia, NH Motorcycle Week.

Laconia Motorcycle Week took place from June 10 - 18 in Laconia, NH. This year happened to be their 100-year anniversary!


During this celebrated week, folks from across the US and Canada gather in New Hampshire to participate. The scenic area of the NH lakes region in June makes for the perfect location for the over 300,000 attendees on average to ride.  With an influx of guests visiting New England for a week-long adventure, we experienced an increase in local commerce, events, festivities, and of course traffic and stress on the roads.  


So how do you protect your roads and roughly 300,000 motorcyclists at the same time? A good place to start is a high-quality Crack Sealing treatment that prevents potholes. If you were to ask a motorcyclist to list things on the road that they always keep an eye out for, Crack Seal would often be in the top 3.  Low-quality Crack Sealing work can obstruct a motorcycle’s mobility.   



That’s where we come in.  indus has been working with the town of Laconia for 7 years helping keep their good roads in good condition, including Crack Sealing them! This year in preparation for the big week we did approximately 60,000 SY of crack sealing across town.  


So how do you make Crack Sealing motorcycle friendly?  There are three basic steps of Crack Seal that will ensure success:  

  1. Cleaning out the cracks – We use hot air lances to ensure the cracks are clean and dry before application. This keeps the Crack Seal in the Crack for the 2–3-year life expectancy.

  2. The proper Crack Seal material – There are many types of Crack Sealing materials available, but we primarily use PCRM (Polymer Crumb-Rubber Modified) Crack Seal which consists of 3 performance additives that improve adhesion to the asphalt.

  3. Eliminating tracking of Crack Seal – It has been commonplace for decades to use a black beauty detackifier, but in the last few years, we have found that a liquid detack eliminates the sticky texture with better protection from the slippery feel of granular blotting material.



So next time you’re adventuring to Laconia or just heading out for a day on your bike, remember that Crack Sealing properly keeps your motorists safe.