Micro-Surfacing Certified.

indus becomes first company worldwide to complete certification process for slurry systems

Sealcoating, Inc. (now indus) was recently honored to become the first company in the world to complete the AASHTO TSP-2 company certification process for slurry systems including micro surfacing.

As pavement preservation programs continue to grow across the country, industry professionals have become increasingly focused on improving the quality of the treatments being placed. The economic benefits of proactive pavement maintenance are well established, but to achieve the maximum benefit, the preservation treatments must perform well over time. Implementing certification programs has been proven as an effective method for both contractors and agencies to improve the quality and long-term performance of their completed projects.

Pavement preservation certification was authorized by the AASHTO TSP-2 Oversight Panel in early 2016 and by early 2017, nine Sealcoating employees had achieved individual certifications for slurry systems. Employees participated in numerous hours of classroom and on-the-job training, attended the four-day ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop in Nevada, and passed an in-person written exam by answering at least 70% of eighty total questions correctly. The primary goal of these exams was to verify that key personnel on the work crews had the critical competencies needed to perform quality applications.

In 2018, indus leadership expanded its commitment to certifications by developing a comprehensive 75-page Micro Surfacing Quality Control Plan (QCP). This detailed QCP is a requirement for contractor certification and defines a series of measures to be taken from mix design through project completion to better ensure project success.

We are proud to be the first contractor to have completed the rigorous AASHTO TSP-2 company certification process for micro surfacing. (We’re also proud that Pavement Preservation Journal covered this story in a recent issue.) We are 100% committed to continuous improvement in all that we do, including building upon the quality standards these certifications are intended to reinforce.

Read the congratulatory certification letter from the National Center for Pavement Preservation.